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Integrated Systems

R.A.S. Security Systems are leaders in the field of integration of security systems.

Intruder Alarm, Access Control, CCTV, Intercom and Fire Alarm Systems can all be integrated into one complete solution.

This will provide for an integrated solution to security system management. For example, a CCTV System could have motion detection, which then triggers some form of warning device for a local or remote indication. Equally, an Access Control door, when operated, will result in the CCTV System recording the images of the person passing through that door.

In the event of a fire, the Fire Alarm System could talk to the Access Control System to release all of the necessary doors to allow for a safe exit from the building. Equally, the Access Control System, on receiving a signal that the Fire Alarm System has activated, could produce a list of all of the people who are currently in the building. This will make it easier for the Fire Marshals to determine if everybody has been safely evacuated from the building. In the event that someone is missing off the list the Access Control System could be used to identify where they were last in the building and therefore reduce the amount of time that is required to carry out a search of the building.

Intercom systems can be integrated with digital video recording so that somebody approaching an entry door could be recorded on both visually as well as their conversation with a member of staff. This will provide a clear record of who has come to the building and will also identify the purpose of their visit.

All of these systems can be integrated into one solution and R.A.S. Security Systems would be happy to discuss the options available in relation to the systems that you may currently have installed in your building. Where a completely new installation is proposed we would happy to advise on the installation and the cost saving benefits of providing an integrated solution.

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